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Re: set-frame-position - is it a buf?

From: Thomas A. Horsley
Subject: Re: set-frame-position - is it a buf?
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 15:55:41 GMT
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I've just been tracking down weird fvwm2 window position problems and found
that if you upgrade to the latest development version you can put a style
entry in your fvwm config file to get fvwm to behave in the old non-standard
way that every other window manager behaves (apparently the ICCCM standards
have been "improved" to resolve window position ambiguities in exactly the
opposite way that virtually all window managers interpreted the ambiguity -
that's what I love about standards bodies - either that or the standard was
improved to be so much more ambiguous that the fvwm2 developers can't
understand it and are misinterpreting it - I'm not sure which :-)

In my config file, the relevant bit is:

   Style * MoveByProgramMethod UseGravity
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