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Re: New balance-windows

From: Ehud Karni
Subject: Re: New balance-windows
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 16:27:06 +0300

There was an error on my last post of the new `balance-windows'.
Thanks to Lennart Borgman <address@hidden>
who spotted the small typo that is a big bug.

Bellow is the corrected code.


(defun balance-windows (&optional horizontally)
  "Make all visible windows on the current frame the same size (approximately).
If optional prefix arg is not given, \"same size\" is same height.
When prefix arg is given,  \"same size\" is same width."
  (interactive "P")
  (let* (count size w cmjr resize max rpt
         (edge (if horizontally 0 1))  ;; Minor field to sort by 0=LEFT, 1=TOP
         (mjr (- 1 edge))              ;; Major field to sort
         (far (+ 2 edge))              ;; far edge (right/bottom)
         (windows nil)                 ;; list of windows
         (ix 0)
         nwin                          ;; number of windows
         (pass 1)                      ;; pass number
         (curw (selected-window))      ;; selected window (to return to)
    ;; Build and sort list of all windows on frame
           (walk-windows (function (lambda (w)
                               (let ((ltrb (window-edges w)))
                                   (setq windows (cons (list
                                       (nth mjr  ltrb)
                                       (nth edge ltrb)
                                       (nth far  ltrb)
                                       w) windows)))))
           (setq windows (sort windows (lambda (e1 e2)
                                         (if (< (nth 0 e1) (nth 0 e2))
                                           (if (= (nth 0 e1) (nth 0 e2))
                                               (if (< (nth 1 e1) (nth 1 e2))
       (setq nwin (length windows))
       ;; add 1 extra entry (for while check)
       (setq windows (append windows '((-1 -1 -1 nil))))

       (while (< ix nwin)                      ; walk on all (sorted) windows
           (setq count 0)                      ; number of windows in 1 column 
(or row)
           (setq cmjr (car (nth ix windows)))  ; column / raw identification
           (while (= cmjr (car (nth (+ count ix) windows)))    ; same
               (setq count (1+ count)))        ; count them
           (if (= count 1)                     ; only one window in this 
               (setq ix (1+ ix))               ; skip it
             ; compute and resize windows
             (setq size (if (= pass 1)         ; on pass 1 the saved edges have 
not changed
                          (- (nth 2 (nth (1- (+ count ix)) windows))
                             (nth 1 (nth ix windows)))
                        ;; previous changes may changed the window edges
                        (- (nth far (window-edges (nth 3 (nth (1- (+ count ix)) 
                           (nth edge (window-edges (nth 3 (nth ix windows)))))))
             (setq size (/ (+ size count -1) count)) ; average window size

             (setq max (+ ix count))           ; index of next column/row
             ;; the resizing loop must be done twice
             ;; because later change may resize previous window
             (setq rpt 2)
             (while (> rpt 0)
               (setq rpt (1- rpt))
               (while (< ix max)
                 (setq w (nth 3 (nth ix windows)))
                 (setq resize (- size (- (nth far (window-edges w))
                                         (nth edge (window-edges w)))))
                 ; don't resize by 1 character
                 (if (or (> resize 1)
                         (< resize -1))
                       (select-window w)       ; window to work on
                       (enlarge-window resize horizontally)))
                 (setq ix (1+ ix)))
               (setq ix (- max count)))
             (setq ix max)
             (setq pass 2)))
           (select-window curw)))

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