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From: largo-linux
Subject: defvaralias
Date: 5 Aug 2005 08:38:11 -0700
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i have emacs from fedora core 4 (version 21.4-5 i believe).  i tried to
install journal.el from the emacswiki page, but it complains that the
function defvaralias is void...  where can i get defvaralias?  or is
there a workaround for this.  it seems that defvaralias just creates a
link between two variables

in the code defvaralias is used once :

(defvaralias 'journal-default-page 'emacs-wiki-default-page)

it would seem that emacs-wiki-default page is set elsewhere and i could
just copy emacs-wiki-default-page to journal-default-page...

(setq 'journal-default-page 'emacs-wiki-default-page) ;; ???

any help greatly appreciated.

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