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smbfs problem

From: Michael Blaustein
Subject: smbfs problem
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 00:37:51 -0400

I mount a remote samba share using autofs.  I can read and write to
that share (including subdirectories) using various linux programs
(vi, gedit, etc.), but not emacs ( with bidi 0.9.1).
Sometimes emacs' dired will show the share's directory listing, more
often not.  But no subdirectory of the share can be listed nor any
file opened with find-file.  Suppose the share is known as
"//an.ip.address/share" and the subdirectory is called "subd".  The
kernel (2.6.10) reports in the logfile:
    "kernel: smb_lookup: find //subd failed, error=-512"
and I have to kill emacs.

Presumably this is a problem for emacs, since other programs deal
with this share as expected.

Any suggestions?


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