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Re: vm - saving outgoing messages to som folder.

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: vm - saving outgoing messages to som folder.
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 10:02:02 -0600
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makwak wrote:
> Is there ready to use mechanizm that will save autgoing messages to
> some `sent' folder ?

If you would RTFM, the Mail Headers subsection of the Sending Mail
section has this:

     This field contains the name of one file and directs Emacs to
     append a copy of the message to that file when you send the
     message.  If the file is in Rmail format, Emacs writes the message
     in Rmail format; otherwise, Emacs writes the message in system
     mail file format.  To specify more than one file, use several
     `FCC' fields, with one file name in each field.

     To put a fixed file name in the `FCC' field each time you start
     editing an outgoing message, set the variable
     `mail-archive-file-name' to that file name.  Unless you remove the
     `FCC' field before sending, the message will be written into that
     file when it is sent.

Kevin Rodgers

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