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Re: reading a big file

From: kgold
Subject: Re: reading a big file
Date: 2 Aug 2005 16:46:18 GMT

Saravanan Manickanainar Dakshinamoorthy <address@hidden> writes:
>    I am using emacs version 21.3 on solaris. When i tried to read a text 
> file of size 4MB, it takes
> almost a minute or more. When i read the same file with vi it is read 
> very fast. Is there a way
> to make this fast?

I suspect that either you have some customization or default that is
causing emacs to parse the file.  After the file is read in, what is
the mode?  Fundamental mode or something else?

Are you invoking a new emacs process or visiting the file with an
already running emacs?

Ken Goldman   address@hidden   914-784-7646

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