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modify syntax highlighting in auctex

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: modify syntax highlighting in auctex
Date: 2 Aug 2005 10:47:51 GMT
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all I want to modify syntax highlighting in auctex for the
use of beamer documents. Each frame/slide starts with the keyword
'frametitle' and now I want that is has the same style like the
'subsection' keyword, but with a different color, e.g.
I found in 'font-latex.el' the part where 'subsection' is
defined and tried to add:

   ("title-3" ("frametitle")
   font-latex-title-3-face 2 (command 1 t))

to change the style to my own config, but it doesn't work.
There is probably another part where subsection is somehow

The whole frame-environment looks like:

\frametitle{ something }
  some text

Maybe, it is even possible to change the color of the words
frame and framtitle and enlarge and color the title-text!?

Greetings, Fabian

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