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problem with vc-svn + tramp.

From: George Nurser
Subject: problem with vc-svn + tramp.
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 23:59:44 +0100

I am using emacs 22.0.50, running on a powerbook. When I use tramp to edit a file in a subversion directory by doing ssh onto a SUN workstation, it seems to automatically switch on the vc-svn mode. It then keeps failing, with the message

vc-do-command: Running svn...FAILED (status 127)

If I switch on 'Enter debugger on error' from the options menu and try to save a file I have modified (/ssh:nilas:/data/jrd/occamd/AGN_MODEL/SUBVERSION/SOURCE/Makefile), I get a trace ending with:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Running svn...FAILED (status 127)")
  signal(error ("Running svn...FAILED (status 127)"))
  error("Running %s...FAILED (%s)" "svn" "status 127")
vc-do-command(t 0 "svn" "/ssh:nilas:/data/jrd/occamd/AGN_MODEL/SUBVERSION/SOURCE/Makefile" "status" "-v") apply(vc-do-command t 0 "svn" "/ssh:nilas:/data/jrd/occamd/AGN_MODEL/SUBVERSION/SOURCE/Makefile" ("status" "-v")) vc-svn-command(t 0 "/ssh:nilas:/data/jrd/occamd/AGN_MODEL/SUBVERSION/SOURCE/Makefile" "status" "-v") vc-svn-registered("/ssh:nilas:/data/jrd/occamd/AGN_MODEL/SUBVERSION/ SOURCE/Makefile") apply(vc-svn-registered "/ssh:nilas:/data/jrd/occamd/AGN_MODEL/SUBVERSION/SOURCE/Makefile")

The important thing when i am working remotely is to be able to edit files; being able to perform the svn actions from emacs is not so crucial, so if anybody can tell me an easy way to switch off the vc-svn mode, that would be very helpful as a start.

I can edit the file OK if I do it through drag & drop & Samba. However, as I use fortran *.F and *.f files, & samba is case insesnitive, emacs eventually becomes confused. Hence I prefer tramp.

Incidentally, now does the vc-svn mode compare with the psvn.el available at ? The svn commands from this do seem to work with the older version emacs (21.3.50 I think) that we have on the SUNs.

Any ideas appreciated. George Nurser.

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