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Re: mime-compose.el and Debian

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: mime-compose.el and Debian
Date: 27 May 2005 16:28:52 +0100
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>>>>> "Brendan" == Brendan Halpin <address@hidden> writes:

  Brendan> I use mime-compose.el to attach files to mail in mail-mode,
  Brendan> and was caught out when I upgraded to the latest Debian
  Brendan> because mime-compose is hard-wired to use mmencode, whereas
  Brendan> Debian offers mimencode instead.

  Brendan> Is mime-compose obsolete, and if so what should I be using
  Brendan> to compose mime mail?

I tend to use Gnus these days, which has full read/write support for
mime. Have you tried message-mode (rather than mail-mode). MML (the
mime support) should just work. 


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