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Emacs21 settings in Debian ?

From: Vignoble101
Subject: Emacs21 settings in Debian ?
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 09:55:03 +0200
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Good morning all.

I started my Linux adventure a couple of years ago with a Mandrake distro. It was providing a version of Emacs - I wouldn't be able to tell you which one - which was just doing quite well !

I spent a whole summer experiencing Java coding using that very nice and efficient tool this newsgroup is dedicated to. Probably some would argue that there is nothing such as a real Java IDE, but I never could get along well with the idea that I need to purchase a brand new computer with gigs of memory and megahertz for the sake of typing nice anti-aliased characters that will never fit to my screen among all those toolbars, icons and funky starving-for-pixels GUIs.
As Vi sounded a bit raw to me, I went for Emacs.
The tutorial was perfect, but too short. So I bought myself an O'Reilly book on that subject. Everything was crystal clear and Emacs was responding perfectly to any command.

So, as my Linux adventure was going on, I was lead to try different distros (mainly Redhat & Fedora), got hacked in and messed up, and had to leave my coding activity apart for getting a little bit more involved into that networking and admin stuff.

Anyways... now my choice is made and I stick to Debian :)
Now here comes the pain. In its Debian pre-compiled version, Emacs21 does not display colors. The keystrokes sound different that what I was used to. For instance, copying a block with C-space and M-w does not work. So I have to use C-space / C-w , yank back, and yank again at the place I want to paste. A bit annoying... I will not make a long list of all my observations, but I must say that I'm pretty confused.

So far I have not been very involved in my research to solve this.
I've googled around to see if there was a way to get the color back. All I could find was how to change the existing color settings... So I've tryed to re-install my Emacs21 from the source and could not even get it to start !

So basically, I'm into big trouble. I don't no if the keystrokes pain in the ass comes along with the new flavour...? I must admit I don't really want to get involved into elisp hacking, but maybe I should give a try on how to configure Emacs properly before compiling the sources.

Anyway guys, any help or suggestion is more than welcome, as I would like to get back to the scene and make the most of my proud console !

GNU rules !!


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