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detached minibuffer woes

From: David Nelson
Subject: detached minibuffer woes
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 13:11:19 -0500

I'm using Carbon Emacs (emacs for OS X) which is based on GNU Emacs OS X has a "click to focus" window manager.

I'm trying to set up a detached or floating minibuffer arrangement. I've nearly got this working the way I would like, but I've hit a wall. As currently configured, I'm using minibuffer-setup-hook to raise the frame containing the minibuffer. I use minibuffer-exit-hook to set the focus back to the frame I was working in when the minibuffer is done.

This works great except that if the minibuffer is showing status information, it does not get raised.

I tried using minibuffer-auto-raise, but that's too aggressive. It takes the focus away from the window I'm working on for everything concerning the minibuffer. For example, if I do something involving setting the mark, the minibuffer displays a message about that, but it also takes the focus away from the frame I'm editing in.

Ideally, there would be a variable that would cause the minibuffer to be raised, but without stealing the focus.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this. I suspect the problems is the lack of focus follows mouse in OS X's window manager.

Thanks ...

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