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RE: defcustom: changing from defvar - order of execution

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: defcustom: changing from defvar - order of execution
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 09:36:25 -0700

    > Not only was this common in standard libraries before this
    > century, but it is still common for personal "libraries" -
    > that is, .emacs and its extensions.

    .emacs and its extensions are not libraries.  Extending the meaning of
    libraries to things like .emacs makes the word useless.

OK. What's a better term?

Use whatever term you like. I think I made clear what I was talking about. I
referred to them as "personal 'libraries'" (note quotes) and "libraries that
are essentially custom files or personal extensions".

Whatever term you use, I think it's important to recognize:

 - These different kinds of files have different properties and should be
associated with different guidelines.

 - It happens that personal startup files sometimes evolve into multi-user
libraries, and these sometimes evolve into standard Emacs libraries.

The guidelines for the different file types would help someone evolve a
personal file toward a multi-user library.

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