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Re: Invoking electirc command programmatically

From: rgb
Subject: Re: Invoking electirc command programmatically
Date: 10 May 2005 09:55:22 -0700
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PT wrote:
> I have this electric function which inserts the character it is bound
> and does something else too.
> (defun my-electric-character (&optional arg)
>    "Insert the typed character and pop up a completion buffer"
>    (interactive "P")
>    (self-insert-command (prefix-numeric-value arg))
>    ...)
> How can I invoke this function from my program with a certain
> so that it behaves just like if the user typed the character on the
> keyboard?
> --
> Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

I believe you want to set last-command-event before calling
my-electric-character.  I don't know where/if it's documented
but experience shows self-insert-command inserts the value
it finds in last-command-event.

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