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Re: ECB methods window single-click navigation to class

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: ECB methods window single-click navigation to class
Date: 09 May 2005 14:48:02 +0200
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On 08 May 2005, John J. Lee wrote:

>  Just tried ECB.
>  By default the ECB methods window expands a class node when you
>  single-click on it, to show child nodes for both the class itself and
>  its methods.  I (think I) want it to expand *and* jump to the class
>  definition, to save me the second click on the class if I don't want
>  to jump to a particular method.

This is the display of the methods-window for a java-class:

[-] +ECBTest
 |  [-] -aInnerInterface
 |   `- #testFunction ():void
 |  [+] -aInnerClass
 |  [+] [Variables]
 |  +ECBTest ()

If you click onto the [+] or [-] then no jumping happens just
expanding/collapsing - if you click onto the class-name itself then no
collapsing/expanding happens but ECB jumps to the related location in the
edit-window. What#s wrong with this behavior?

BTW: ECB has an own mailing-list, mentioned in the manual and also on the

>  Would also be nice to be able to jump back to where I was before I
>  started using the methods window, but it's not obvious that that's
>  even possible...

?? What do you mean exactly here - please describe it in detail...


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