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viper-want-ctl-h-help broken?

From: Michael Lee
Subject: viper-want-ctl-h-help broken?
Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 03:24:31 GMT
User-agent: Unison/1.6.1

I recently upgraded to gnu emacs (compiled for darwin/os x) and discovered that binding C-h to help-command (or just setting viper-want-ctl-h-help to true) doesn't work any longer for help queries of type C-h k (for getting keystroke help). This happens when I'm in viper mode, irrespective of whether I'm actually in viper editing mode or have switched temporarily to emacs-mode (C-z). I keep getting the error message "Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil" when I try to lookup any keystroke. If I turn off viper mode with viper-go-away, C-h k resumes working properly.

Can anyone help to figure out how to fix this, or what I might have wrong in my configuration?



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