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Re: C-xC-b creates ~/.saves-[0-9]*-localhost.localdomain - how to turn i

From: s. keeling
Subject: Re: C-xC-b creates ~/.saves-[0-9]*-localhost.localdomain - how to turn it off?
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 16:55:25 GMT
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Ian Zimmerman <address@hidden>:
>  s> I've finally figured out what's creating these things, and now I'd
>  s> like to learn what I have to do to make emacs stop creating them.  I
>  Those are not backup files, but auto-save files (actually lists of
>  auto-save files).  Does that help to solve the problem?
>  I think they should normally be deleted once you exit emacs.  Do you
>  exit in some unusual way, like breaking your telnet/ssh session
>  without shutting down Emacs?

Uhh, yeah.  Drat.  Logging out of X, as long as my buffers are saved, I
don't bother shutting down emacs.  Thanks, I'll try that.

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