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Re: How to save minor mode in Desktop?

From: heriberaht
Subject: Re: How to save minor mode in Desktop?
Date: 4 May 2005 19:53:17 -0700
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when in setnu-mode and matlab-eei-minor-mode, C-h v : minor-mode-alist
and get the value:

((matlab-eei-minor-mode " EEI")
 (outline-minor-mode " Outl")
       (eq major-mode 'dired-mode)
       " Omit" "")))
 (table-fixed-mode-indicator " Fixed-Table")
 (table-mode-indicator " Table")
 (server-buffer-clients " Server")
  #(" View" 0 5
      (header-line keymap
                   (down-mouse-3 . mode-line-mode-menu-1))
      (mode-line keymap
                 (down-mouse-3 . mode-line-mode-menu-1)
                 (mouse-2 . mode-line-minor-mode-help)))
     help-echo "mouse-3: minor mode menu")))
 (visible-mode " Vis")
 (next-error-follow-minor-mode " Fol")
 (flyspell-mode flyspell-mode-line-string)
 (flymake-mode flymake-mode-line)
 (abbrev-mode " Abbrev")
 (overwrite-mode overwrite-mode)
 (auto-fill-function " Fill")
 (defining-kbd-macro " Def")
 (isearch-mode isearch-mode))

It seems that the matlab-eei-minor-mode needn't be customized, butI
have to set the setnu-mode by other methods.

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