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Re: defcustom: changing from defvar - order of execution

From: rgb
Subject: Re: defcustom: changing from defvar - order of execution
Date: 4 May 2005 08:51:24 -0700
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> I'm unclear on the recommended way to change Lisp code from
> using defvar for user options to using defcustom. I guess I'm
> also unclear on just how defcustom and Customize work. I
> couldn't find an explanation of this in Info for Emacs or Emacs Lisp.
It appears that defcustom acts just like defvar and
custom-set-variables acts much like setq.
So the position of your load command, with respect to the
custom-set-variables section is unimportant.
Obviously the position of your call to foo-fn IS important.

In my .emacs nothing comes before custom-set-variables.
But I notice that if the section doesn't already exist
it gets added at the end rather than the beginning.
I question the logic behind that.  Especially considering
the existence of options like :require and :set-after which
make the need for anything before it unlikely.
At least it doesn't move if it's present so you can put it
where you want and it will stay.

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