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Re: Running bash inside emacs

From: Madhusudan Singh
Subject: Re: Running bash inside emacs
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 15:57:49 -0400
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Walker Pendleton wrote:

> On  3 May 2005, Madhusudan Singh wrote:
> [...]
>> Typing in sort commands, etc. when you can just open up a native
>> bash shell and use up/down keys to your heart's content, does not
>> make any sense at all.
> [...]
>> Maybe it is time for a M-x bash RET.
> If you don't see any sense in getting Emacs to help you, but merely
> want to run your shell in Emacs, perhaps M-x term RET will be more to
> your liking.

Precisely what I was looking for. Thanks !!

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