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Re: [ELISP] Detect focus on emacs.

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: [ELISP] Detect focus on emacs.
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 22:09:44 -0500

Probably just the GNU Coding Standards.  Expect to post the "patch" as
a stand-alone file first.  See the GNU Emacs Sources mailing list or
Emacs Lisp List for many examples.

Neat sig by the way.  What is "coin coin angle"?  I've heard of "angle
side angle" and "side angle side".  "coin coin angle" sounds like some
weird marriage of Mario Brothers and Trigonometry.  I like it.

   Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

   >>   I need to know if emacs has the global input focus, that's to say,
   >>   if emacs' window is the selected one in the wm.
   > I don't think you can do that from elisp as of Emacs-22.
   > Patches are welcome to add the functionality, of course,

       Ok, why not !

       A   function   like  `window-focus-p',   that   will  check   with
     XGetInputFocus(3x)/GetForegroundWindow(w32)  if  the current  window
     has the input focus ?

       So I'll  have a try. BTW,  is there guidelines  for emacs patches,
     some must-know coding style or whatever like that somewhere ?

       Michael Cadilhac, a.k.a. Micha [mika] |    _ coin     _ coin     _ angle
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