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Re: gnus fails sending mail

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: gnus fails sending mail
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 09:25:33 -0600
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ken wrote:
> Kevin Rodgers wrote:
> > ken wrote:
> > > mh-temp buffer says:
> > > post: aliasing error in .alias - error in line 'alias'
> > > send: message not delivered to anyone
> > >
> > > (What's my ~/.alias got to do with sending this email?  Why should it
> > > cause it to fail?)
> >
> > Check the value of the mail-aliases variable (which defaults to t, in
> > sendmail.el).
> C-h v mail-aliases:
> mail-aliases's value is shown below.
> Documentation:
> Alist of mail address aliases,
> or t meaning should be initialized from your mail aliases file.
> (The file's name is normally `~/.mailrc', but your MAILRC environment
> variable can override that name.)
> The alias definitions in the file have this form:
>     alias ALIAS MEANING
> Defined in `sendmail'.
> Value:
> [... shows what seems to be my ~/.mailrc file in reverse and translated
> into elisp...]

If you don't want your ~/.mailrc file to be read by Emacs, set
mail-aliases to nil in your ~/.emacs file.

But you should find out why gnus is invoking mh/post instead of
sendmail, and fix that.

And you might want to examine your ~/.mailrc file -- if mh/post is
choking on it, there might be actually be an error in it.

Kevin Rodgers

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