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quail input method for wubizixing (chinese-wubi.el?)

From: ytrewq1
Subject: quail input method for wubizixing (chinese-wubi.el?)
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 07:30:58 +0000 (UTC)
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I've been looking for a way to input Simplified Chinese into Emacs using 
the Wubizixing method but I haven't located anything appropriate in my 
local Emacs (I'm using a relatively recent CVS version).

I found an implementation at: (GPL?)

but it appears to do more than I need and since the code feels a bit messy 
to me, I stripped it down to its bare essentials (FWIW, my modified 
version seems to work for what I need at the moment).  I'm not sure where 
the table data came from [1] so I'm uncertain as to the redistributability of 
the original and/or modified code.

On a related note, I've located some seemingly usable table data in the 
cxterm and the xsim projects:

I'm considering whether to write some code to translate one of the tables 
(or perhaps do both and merge them) for use in an appropriate quail input 
method.  However, before I decide whether to proceed, I'd like to know if 
there's a wubi input method scheduled to be included in Emacs (or if there's 
one there already that I've missed).  Does anyone here know?


[1] I think there's mention about the table data originating from the
cxterm project at:

but I'm not confident of my interpretation of the text (within the 
first few paragraphs).

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