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Re: customize-option erases .emacs contents!

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: customize-option erases .emacs contents!
Date: 26 Apr 2005 10:45:55 +0100
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>>>>> "Jeff" == Rancier, Jeff <address@hidden> writes:

  JS> I have just used customize-option to set transistent-mode
  JS> on. But that operation just erased all other content from my
  JS> .emacs file! Is this a know risk when using customize-option
  JS> instead of writing the instructions manually in the .emacs file?

  Phil> I've had this happen very occasionally to me as well. For this
  Phil> reason, among others, my .emacs now looks like this...

  Jeff> Or better yet, maintain it in CVS. 

I stopped doing this. I used to maintain a lot of tempo templates
customized in my .emacs. These often contained $Id: $ keywords, which
CVS would screw up. This was before I learnt how to stop that.

In the end, I don't version my .emacs. It's almost entirely
auto-generated anyway. I prefer to use numbered backups which happen
automatically also. 

The handwritten part of my .emacs (main.el) is versioned. 

  Kevin> I think an even neater way is to put this at the top of your
  Kevin> .emacs file:

  Kevin> (setq custom-file "~/emacs.custom")

This also works well, of course. I'm still prefer keeping most of my
lisp out of .emacs and into subfiles in a ~/emacs directory. Horses
for courses. 


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