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Re: Shortcut to change buffers?

From: Steinar Børmer
Subject: Re: Shortcut to change buffers?
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 23:57:44 +0200
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JS wrote:

| I have just downloaded swbuff.el and put it in my load-path. When I
| open the file in an editor it says that I should just put:
| (require 'swbuff)
| in my .emacs file.
| When I do that I get this error:
| An error has occurred while loading `/home/johs/.emacs':
| File error: "Cannot open load file", "swbuff"

That means that swbuff.el is not loaded.  Something is wrong, and I'm
not able to tell you what based on the information you supply.

Like I said, I use swbuff-x (downloaded from the same URL), and I simply
use a (require 'swbuff-x).  Works for me.

| I have instead tried to write:
| (provide 'swbuff)
| then I emacs restarts without error but I don't know if is read at
| all.

No, it certainly isn't.  `provide' is put at the end of a file (elisp
library) so that that file/library may be loaded with `require', just as
you're attempting.  Putting it in ~/.emacs is like saying that ~/.emacs
contains the swbuff code, which is clearly wrong.


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