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Re: anyone knows automatic completation elisp script?

From: françois Bourgneuf
Subject: Re: anyone knows automatic completation elisp script?
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 16:35:38 +0200
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You can use the abbrev-mode
After you have switched to this mode, type automatic then C-x a g, Emacs will ask you for global abbrev, type auto.
Now each time you type auto<SPACE> it will be replaced by automatic.

If you do C-x a l instead of C-x a g, the abbrev will be save only for the major mode you are in.

If you use these commands with a number prefix, the abbrev will define the n words before the place where the cursor is.

The abbrevs will be saved in ~/.abbrev_defs when you leave Emacs (you'll be asked for a confirmation).


litchi a dit le 25/04/2005 14:30:
I wander anyone who knows an automatic completation tools~?
I mean if I want to input the word automatic
and I have inputed four characters a,u,t and o
then the rest (m,a,t,i,c) can be pushed to the screen automatilly
---need no complete command such as M-/

If only one word (eg, only the word automatic) matches the regular _expression_ ^auto 
no other words such as automatilly(this also match ^auto) exists in this buffer 
then we can use some keys to accept the auto completation(eg,<TAB>)
then if also some other matches,We can use some keys to change the one we wanted from
all the matches, eg, M-/.

Best regards
Litchi from China~~~

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