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Re: revert-buffer tragedy

From: ken
Subject: Re: revert-buffer tragedy
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 03:23:35 -0400
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Lowell Kirsh wrote:

> I just lost hours of work due to a combination of auto-revert-buffer
> and accidentally overwriting a file in my shell. I was working on
> foo.txt in an emacs buffer and accidentally overwrote it from a shell
> prompt while it was open in the buffer. When I went back to emacs, it
> reported that the buffer was reverted and when I tried to undo, it
> said no undo information was available. I've already checked in the
> ~/.backups folder but there is nothing useful there. Any ideas how I
> might be able to recover my work?
> Lowell

An autosave file has saved my keister a few times.  Look for a file in
the same directory with the same filename except wrapped with pound
signs (#).  Doing "ls -a \#*" should show it.  In emacs you could simply
visit the trashed file and do M-x recover-file and reply with the filename.

Good luck.


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