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f90 mode indent with Emacs

From: Eric_Salathe
Subject: f90 mode indent with Emacs
Date: 22 Apr 2005 17:01:42 -0700
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I'm finding a different behavior for indents in f90 mode with version than earlier versions (eg 21.2 21.4).

In f90.el, the code

(defcustom f90-program-indent 2
  "*Extra indentation applied to PROGRAM, MODULE, SUBROUTINE, FUNCTION
  :type  'integer
  :group 'f90-indent)

should cause a line "program my_great_model" to start in column 1 and
all following lines to be indented 2 columns except the final "end
program my_great_model", which is in column 1 again. This is the
behavior in 21.4.1 and 21.2.1 on both OS X and GNU/Linux.

However, I have installed from CVS on OS X due to the carbon
support in that version. In this version, the "program" and "end
program" lines gets indented 2 columns and the body of the program is
indented another 2, for 4 total. This is not the proper behavior. I can
work around it by not indenting the program line and avoiding the
"Indent Subprogram" command, but that is less than ideal.

Is this a known problem? Is there an easy way to fix it?

salathe <at> washington <dot> edu

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