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Re: emacs on freebsd, space limitation

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: emacs on freebsd, space limitation
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 17:25:43 +0100
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Angelina Carlton wrote:

[ Emacs in under 50 MB? ]

A) If you have access to another machine running the same OS, or if
you have temp space in which you can build, then it's easy.

Configure and make in the normal way. Then before running `make
install-strip', delete all the .el files that have .elc counterparts:

for f in `find lisp -name "*.elc"`; do
    rm ${f%c}    # bash shell syntax

If you then do `make install-strip', the installed version uses 36MB.

B) If you can't use A), here is an ugly method that works. Someone who
understands the build process better (ie at all) could probably
suggest something more elegant. This needs a full 50MB, so transfer
all other files out of the way first.

1. On some other machine, untar emacs-21.4a source. 70MB, ack!

2. Delete a bunch of stuff you can live without:

for f in `find lisp -name "*.elc"`; do
    rm ${f%c}    # bash shell syntax

find . -name "ChangeLog*" -exec rm '{}' ';'

rm -rf nt msdos vms mac

3. Now down to 46MB, but need more space to build, so have to get rid of
some other stuff that it would be nice to keep:

rm -rf etc/* man/*.tex* info

4. Find some way to get size of lisp directory down to ~ 13MB. Eg:
cd lisp
rm -rf gnus obsolete play mail calendar eshell emulation net toolbar

Actually, rather than deleting these, you can move them somewhere else
and transfer them to the build machine later if you want them.

5. Now at ~ 25 MB, transfer to build machine.

6. ./configure
make src

49 MB, phew!

7. Tidy up a bit:

find . -name "*.[cho]" -exec rm '{}' ';'
( cd etc; ln -f DOC-21.4.1 DOC )
strip src/emacs

Leaves 26 MB. Run it as ./src/emacs (ignoring complaints), don't try
installing it.

At this point, you can move back some of the files from step 4, if you
want them.

C) Insult the sysadmin's (wo)manhood for failing to provide emacs on
the system.

D) alt.religion.emacs can probably supply a mob with pitchforks and
torches to help "persuade" the syadmin to install emacs.

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