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Re: Shortcut to change buffers?

From: JS
Subject: Re: Shortcut to change buffers?
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 13:54:25 +0200
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Steinar Børmer wrote:

> JS wrote:
> | What I thought of was something like using Alt-Tab to shift between
> | windows, where a menu pops up and you the find the buffer you need by
> | repeately pressing Tab while holding down Alt.
> | 
> | Is that possible?
> Indeed.  I've searched for the ideal buffer switching mechanism for a
> few years now, and several good alternatives have been tested.  So far,
> I'm most happy with swbuff-x, an extension to the swbuff library.  They
> can both be downloaded from the EmacsWiki at:
> <URL: >

I have just downloaded swbuff.el and put it in my load-path. When I open the
file in an editor it says that I should just put:

(require 'swbuff)

in my .emacs file.

When I do that I get this error:

An error has occurred while loading `/home/johs/.emacs':

File error: "Cannot open load file", "swbuff"

To ensure normal operation, you should investigate the cause
of the error in your initialization file and remove it.  Start
Emacs with the `--debug-init' option to view a complete error


I have instead tried to write:

(provide 'swbuff)

then I emacs restarts without error but I don't know if is read at all.

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