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returning to 21.3 version of C-x C-f RET

From: address@hidden
Subject: returning to 21.3 version of C-x C-f RET
Date: 19 Apr 2005 14:06:34 -0700
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In Emacs 21.3, C-x C-f RET had the effect of reverting the buffer (and
saving the current point).

In Emacs 22.0.50, it now runs dired on the current directory.

I already know about "C-x C-f M-n RET" and "C-x C-v RET", but the
friend who asked me this does not want to relearn keystrokes after 10+
years.  For now I've snarfed the 21.3 lisp for find-file.  Is there a
better way to revert to the 21.3 behavior, say by using defadvice on

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