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Re: Inserting spaces after/before braces...

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Inserting spaces after/before braces...
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 12:05:00 +0200

Am 19.04.2005 um 11:14 schrieb address@hidden:

I wrote a function to insert a space after an open brace and before a close
brace in a selection.

What about: (replace-regexp "\([()]\) *" "\1 ")?

Replace any occurance of a member of the set [()] followed by 0 or more SPC with that set's member plus a SPC. You can add to the set more members ...



Mit friedvollen Grüßen


Linux bietet Lösungen für Probleme unter Windows, die mit Mac OS X gar nicht erst auftreten.

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