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Re: Scrolling affects region... what to do?

From: rgb
Subject: Re: Scrolling affects region... what to do?
Date: 18 Apr 2005 17:28:36 -0700
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David Reitter wrote:
> When a region (with several lines) is marked first and then the shown

> part of the buffer is changed via the scrollbar or for example with
> M-v, one boundary of the region will change to remain next to the
> point, which moves to a new place when scrolling. Sometimes, the
> is heavily modified, with one boundary jumping by several paragraphs.

> The region may become smaller or larger.
> What's obviously happening is that the point comes along whenever one

> scrolls somewhere, so that the region between mark and point will
> change. This is entirely undesirable for me (and other Mac users) -
> what can I do about it? Can I somehow make the point be independent
> the shown part of the buffer?
This has long been a sore point (at least for me) with no relief
in sight.  The best you can do is open another window or frame
onto the buffer being marked to take whatever excursions are
required.  Narrowing is also an option under certain circumstances.
Even more rarely, you can use secondary selection which doesn't move
with point.

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