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Re: How to detect if Emacs is running in a terminal

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: How to detect if Emacs is running in a terminal
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 17:30:11 +0200

Am 16.04.2005 um 01:42 schrieb Pascal Bourguignon:

(cond ((= 21 emacs-major-version)
     (cond ((string= "x" window-system)

There is this notion of a symbol in List & Intelligent Symbol Processing
language.  Perhaps you read some about it...

That might have happend. I read/browsed a few times in the Elisp info nodes since I am European and have to struggle like Laokoon with charsets and encodings and other snails, and the words you use remind me of things I have read or heard before ... in ads?

Is it that I compare strings? `window-system´ is documented as being, a bit metaphorical, a symbol. The value can be an `x´, which looks like a very short string. So I imagined a string comparison should be OK ...

Or is it that I do not quote the symbol?

Try: M-x info RET m elisp RET m symbols RET

Today I can't find the right pointer that would help my understanding -- I am a bit old today too and Lisp (and other programming languages) are hard to decipher and even harder to write for me. I think awk, sed, and shell are fine for programming ...



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