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GNU Emacs 22: Invalid face font-lock-keyword-face

From: dan . sanderson
Subject: GNU Emacs 22: Invalid face font-lock-keyword-face
Date: 13 Apr 2005 00:04:14 -0700
User-agent: G2/0.2

Hi all -

I'm running GNU Emacs (powerpc-apple-darwin7.8.0) of
2005-04-09.  I'm getting repeated errors that say "Invalid face
font-lock-keyword-face".  Many actions seem to cause it.  Is there a
way to silence this error?

I realize I'm running an unstable version, so I'm not ungrateful.  :)
Was this face removed for v22, such that I might be getting this
message due to incompatibility with other packages?  Or is this a bug
of some other sort?  There are only a couple of things in my load-path
that are not specific to the 22.0.50 distribution, just a few modes
that manipulate this face.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!
-- Dan

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