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Re: Emacs CC Mode's auto-newline facility: INFORMAL SURVEY

From: Greg Rowe
Subject: Re: Emacs CC Mode's auto-newline facility: INFORMAL SURVEY
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 07:47:31 -0400
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Alan Mackenzie wrote:
o Do you program with auto-newline switched on (e.g. do you get NLs
  inserted automatically after typing a `;' or `{')?

No, I find it distracting.

o Did you configure this auto-newline setting yourself, and if not, are
  you happy with it?

Yes and no. I did try auto-newline but I didn't like it so I returned to the default setting.

o Are you aware of the key binding C-c C-a to toggle this mode on and

No I wasn't, however that's only because I don't like auto-newline.  :)

o How often do you use C-c C-a (or even C-c C-t) to toggle auto-newline

I never do.

o In which language(s) (C, C++, ....) do you program in (X)Emacs?

Any time I am coding I use emacs.  Primarily that is C and C++.


Home is where the .bashrc is.

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