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Re: byte-compiling .emacs

From: Quokka
Subject: Re: byte-compiling .emacs
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 09:31:21 +0800
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Phillip Lord wrote:
"Joe" == Joe Corneli <address@hidden> writes:

  Joe>    On Sun, Apr 10 2005, Joe Corneli <address@hidden>
  Joe>    wrote:

  >> But, note, what you should really do is byte compile the .emacs,

  Joe>    Why?  Typically this isn't worth the trouble ("Changes is my
  Joe>    .emacs are ignored!!!1 What's wrong???ß").

  Joe> OK, I guess I was wrong.  I personally always byte compile mine
  Joe> b/c otherwise emacs complains that the source file is newer.
  Joe> Other people might not have that problem :).  But perhaps I'm
  Joe> the one who should change...

If you don't byte-compile it at all, then it won't. I think that there is an auto recompile package out there somewhere. I never compiled my .emacs or subsidiary files myself. I doubt that it makes that much difference.

Don't know that I would describe it as a "package"..
I picked this up somewhere along the way.
(Can't give credit to who or where as I forgot).

;; Make .emacs autocompile on exit

(defun autocompile nil
  "compile itself if ~/.emacs.el"
  (if (string= (buffer-file-name) (concat default-directory ".emacs.el"))
      (byte-compile-file (buffer-file-name))))
(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'autocompile)

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