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Re: Emacs mode for editing Mathematica Notebook files

From: Stephen Harris
Subject: Re: Emacs mode for editing Mathematica Notebook files
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 20:01:21 GMT

"Madhusudan Singh" <address@hidden> wrote in message 
> Hi
> Is there an Emacs mode for editing Mathematica Notebook files ? One that
> works for recent versions of Mathematica ?
> Thanks. Another one I found using google

`mathematica-mode' for emacs
This is an elisp file which gives your emacs a new mode: `mathematica-mode'. 
Each buffer in this mode opens a text interface to Mathematica ((c) Wolfram 
Research, Inc.).

Type Mathematica code in the buffer, taking advantage of all the emacs 
editing commands (the one for stepping across sexps is particularly useful), 
and control-j for an evaluation. This is great for writing programs in 
Mathematica, since it has all the emacs features (including syntax 
coloring!) and doesn't have the anti-features of the Mathematica front-end 
(such as moving your text around someplace you don't want it, as you're 

The user interaction is in most respects like a notebook, you can 
re-evaluate an expression as often as you wish. (You have to explicitly kill 
the old output, if you don't want to see the differences.) Graphics are 
displayed in separate windows (a Mathematica text-mode feature).

I wrote this before I knew that `math-mode' exists. It's okay, though, mine 
is better.

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