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Recommendations: emacs files containing multiple languages

From: ken
Subject: Recommendations: emacs files containing multiple languages
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 08:54:48 -0400
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vedm wrote:

> [....]
>My cyrillic files are encoded in iso8859-5, just because that encoding
>is within the ASCII set and is enough for the cyrilic script. Yes, I
>agree that UTF is better for handling all sorts of languages, but I
>still haven't tried to use it in emacs and Xterm. (One disadvantage of
>UTF is that the UTF files (at least cyrillic files) are almost two times
>bigger compared to ASCII encoded files).

In these days of extreme code bloat, large document files don't bother
me too much.  Getting the functionality I need, though, is.

This week I've been wondering how to compose and edit text files
containing multiple languages... like English, German, Russian, French,
and ancient Greek... all in the same file.  Is this even possible in
emacs?  If so, any tips?

I've heard of an editor called "sam", developed by Rob Pike, that can do
this.  But in my many years of using emacs and reading lists like this,
I've never heard of emacs being capable of such a wild thing.


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