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Assigning keymaps / menu shorts / changing menu items

From: David Reitter
Subject: Assigning keymaps / menu shorts / changing menu items
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 19:11:02 +0100

I would like to do a couple of global-set-keys for a few basic functions that appear in the menu bar. However, the new shortcuts don't appear in the menu items, since they are still assigned (and should be).

I understand the menu item shortcuts show what's defined first. Is there a command like global-set-key that would insert the new keymap at the beginning of the list associated with the function? Here's what I do:

(global-set-key [(alt v)] 'yank)

'yank has a menu entry in the Edit menu that currently says "Paste (C-y)".

Also, I would like to change the way the keyboard shortcuts appear in the menu. Can I redefine a function to do that? What would that be?

Lastly: how do I change a menu item?
I know how to add submenus to a menu with easychange.el, but I couldn't figure out how to actually change the text of an arbitrary item. Is that possible?

I've been looking for something like that in various places - maybe someone here could give me a hint regarding any of these things, I'd be very grateful.

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