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Re: dvorak

From: Denis Bueno
Subject: Re: dvorak
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 11:52:46 -0400

On 8 Apr 2005 08:44:49 -0700, Shug Boabby <address@hidden> wrote:
> but i *want* the Carbon build, not X11 like this document describes

If you had read the document,  you would see that it instructs you to:

1. Install texinfo (if necessary, and it's probably _not_ necessary).

2. Check out emacs from CVS.

3. Configure it _with_ carbon and _without_ X.

Why do you think that you will somehow get the X11 build if you build
it in this way? I do it every other week or so, and I'm using the
carbon build.

Denis Bueno

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