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Want to stop indenting when paragraph begins with tab

From: Tim Shippert
Subject: Want to stop indenting when paragraph begins with tab
Date: 05 Apr 2005 15:01:17 -0700
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        I'm using emacs 21.2.1 on a linux box, although I've seen the
same behavior with 21.3.

        In text and mail mode, I like to have the first line of my
paragraph start with a tab, while the rest of the paragraph starts at
column 0, just like the paragraphs I'm typing in this news message right
now.  Up through emacs 20 or so, this worked fine with auto-fill on.
However, in recent emacses, auto-fill indents line two to match the first
line, so I'm stuck either indenting the whole paragraph or manually
deleting the tab on line two so lines three and on will match the
indentation and look like I want.

        I can't figure out how to make emacs not indent the second line
of a paragraph like this.  I've tried setting fill-prefix to nil, which
had no effect, and wrote my own version of indent-relative and set
indent-line-function to point to it in text-mode-hook.  But I can't tell
if emacs is actually calling indent-line-function during do-auto-fill, or
really what it's doing at all during this whole fill-and-indent process.  

        Can somebody help me out here?  I don't need a detailed solution,
I just need to know what functions or variables I should be working
with; I can probably hack up a solution that'll work for me if I can just
find out where to put it.

Tim Shippert                                 

Whatever truculent means, if it's good, I'm that.

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