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Re: beginner el form

From: B.T. Raven
Subject: Re: beginner el form
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 23:49:57 -0500

"Adam" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> At the top of the "Programming in Emacs Lisp", before and around the
> Practicing Evaluation, examples are given for the novice to evaluate
by c-x
> c-e.  And this does produce the result in the minibuffer or echo
> below.
> My question is, How should create a buffer in which the results will
> echoed in the buffer, like in a lisp-evaluation-mode ?
> In particular, what extension whould this file/buffer be called.
> name.el where expressions are evaluated by highlighted and evaluated
by c-x
> c-e  but then doesn't this required the major-mode to be changed every
> the file/buffer is opened ?
> I am looking for a file in which I can incrementally create an
> program, will much trial and error, where screes of text can be
printed as
> a result if necessary, and the minibuffer is just not big enough.
> Now, if some setup *---interactive-mode---* stuff could be included at
> top of that buffer, then that would be ideal. Perhaps it is an
> "self-evaluating form" that I really need.
> Any suggestions or comments appreciate.

I assume that you know that the **scratch** buffer  is set up
automatically in lisp interaction mode. You can convert any buffer to
this mode by simply invoking M-x lisp-interaction-mode while in the
buffer. I think you could make this your default mode by putting
 '(default-major-mode (quote lisp-interaction-mode))
into your .emacs with Options>Customize>Specific Option, etc.


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