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Re: emacs for everything?

From: Neon Absentius
Subject: Re: emacs for everything?
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 07:30:17 +0000
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On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 12:34:24PM +0530, Ravi Uday wrote:
> -- 8< --
> >>(server-start) in ~/.emacs
> >>Then use emacs-client instead of emacs
> >>I have an alias ec='emacs-client --no-wait'
> >>
>   Is emacs-client different from emacs21/emacs19 orso ?
>   When i tried to issue that 'ec' command on my SunOs it says
> bash-2.05b$ emacs-client --no-wait
> bash: emacs-client: command not found

The command is `emacsclient', one word with no dash.

I belive that was a misprint in the previous message, maybe due to the
dash in the command that start the sever ;)

> - Ravi

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    -- Neon Absentius
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