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find-name-dired issue on Win9x

From: Frank Uepping
Subject: find-name-dired issue on Win9x
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 20:05:00 +0100
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I have Emacs-21.3 on Win98 running.

A (find-name-dired "anydir" "anypattern") results in:
  find . \( -name 'anypattern' \) -exec ls -ld {} \;
  find: paths must precede expression
  Usage: find [path...] [expression]

  find exited abnormally with code 1...

Apparently Emacs has some problem with the path specification, as it can't
process a `.' here.  The same problem happens in the eshell as well, if I
specify `.' as path.

However, find works in the Dos-box as expected, as well as with
(shell-command "find .").  So I think the issue is not with find.exe (from

Can you help me?


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