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Re: CVS questions: multi-file commits, and branch reminders

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: Re: CVS questions: multi-file commits, and branch reminders
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 00:03:46 +0100
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Roy Smith <address@hidden> writes:

> Is there a way in CVS mode to commit multiple files at once?  The 
> behavior I'm after is what you get from the command line when you type 
> "cvs commit": all the files in the current directory are examined for 
> diffs and all of them that have changed are committed at once, with a 
> single log message.

I think you might like M-x cvs-update RET or M-x cvs-examine RET or
M-x cvs-quickdir RET.  That displays a buffer showing all files in
your working directory that are changed.  Marking some of them and
hitting c (or C) will commit them all in one go.  If you hit c or C on
a directory, all files below that directory will be affected.  So to
commit all files, hit c or C on the "." line.

c just commits normally, whereas C prepopulates the commit message
with stuff from the ChangeLog file.  I love that.  Edit code, hit C-x
4 a in some spot I've changed, compose a ChangeLog entry for that
spot, then, when done, use the C command from PCL-CVS (that's the
package implementing cvs-update and cvs-examine).

But you can also do C-x v d to get a listing of files, then mark some
of them and issue v v to commit them.

> The other nice thing about committing from the command line is the
> template log message includes the branch you're committing on.  This
> is a nice reminder that helps avoid ugly mistakes when you're
> working with several branches at once.  Is there a way to get emacs
> to do that?

Hm.  Not sure.  Never worried about template commit messages.  Hm.


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