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Re: Carbon Emacs binding to Enter key

From: James Davidson
Subject: Re: Carbon Emacs binding to Enter key
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:35:13 -0800
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On 12/21/04 3:41 PM, Tim McNamara wrote:
James Davidson <address@hidden> writes:

You may need a package like ucontrol

Most Mac OSX Emacs users use this to rebind the caps lock key into

It also supports rebinding of the enter key into other things; a
common usage is to rebind it to 'fn', so that page-up and page-down
can be done with one hand.

This must be keyboard specific, I guess.  On my iMac using the
standard keyboard, Control = control and Pg UP/Pg Dn work fine for
one-handed paging.  Perhaps there are special issues for
PowerBook/iBook keyboards of which I am unaware.

Good point.  The issue of Pg Up/Pg Down is specific to PowerBooks,
which lack this key.  So, paging through documents with one hand is hard.

The Control/CapsLock problem is common to most Mac (and Windows) keyboards, however. The Control key is somewhere below the left shift key. The key immediately above the left shift key, which should be Control, is Caps Lock. uControl enables remapping on the Mac. On Windows, the same thing can be done via the registry.


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