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Carbon Emacs binding to Enter key

From: Tiago Maduro-Dias
Subject: Carbon Emacs binding to Enter key
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 02:41:19 +0000


I've recently "discovered" the usefulness of the enter key (the one next to the arrow keys and the space-bar), at least on my laptop's keyboard, as an alternative to the regular return key. But I also seem to have encountered an interesting issue (read "feature"?) with Carbon Emacs 21.3.50 (on Mac OSX Panther).

When I press the key, the event seems to be attached to C-c. In fact, pressing it twice will result in the obvious C-c C-c and C-h c ends up with "Describe key briefly: C-c-" on my minibuffer (waiting for another event).

If I run both the original emacs-21.2.1 or emacs-21.3.50 from (with either emacs -nw or emacs -q -nw), the enter key will behave as expected (by me at least). If I use the faithful xterm, then the behaviour just described for Carbon Emacs happens again. This makes sense to me, since is interpreting the strokes, and uses the smilingly standard macosx interpretation for the particular key.

So, how can I go about forcing the key to bind to what I want it to? (character 13, newline, or something of the sort)?

Thank you in advance,

Tiago Maduro-Dias.

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