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Re: Advice on adding whitelisting to Mail mode

From: Adam Cohen
Subject: Re: Advice on adding whitelisting to Mail mode
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 17:36:27 -0500

if you're looking for whitelisting or challenge-response at the server
level, check out Tagged Message Delivery Agent at,
it's very good (although I'm sure I'll get flamed for mentioning it,
since many people hate challenge-response anti-spam mechanisms). 
Although, since I've been using this, my spam has dropped from
hundreds a day ot 0, so I can't argue with that.


On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 19:33:31 +0000 (UTC), J Krugman
<address@hidden> wrote:
> I recently read a booklet-length tutorial on Emacs Lisp, and now
> I have a little project by way of exercise.  The idea is to add
> whitelisting support to Mail mode.  "Whitelisting" is the strategy
> of selecting the email messages one wants (and trashing or at least
> quarantining the rest), instead of trying to stop the ones one
> doesn't want.  The "whitelist" describes those messages one wants.
> I want to add functions to Mail mode (and maybe RMAIL as well) to
> simplify the process of maintaining a whitelist.  The whitelist
> will be in the form of procmail recipes contained in ~/.procmailrc
> (yes, OS == Unix).
> I'm a bit uncertain on how to start this.  I've done a lot of
> programming before, but I've never extended an Emacs mode, plus
> this project entails parsing, modifying, and writing out a text
> file, which I've never even seen done in Emacs Lisp.
> Can someone point me to source code I can study to learn how to
> structure my code, and how to do the basic tasks of
> parsing/modifying/re-writing a text file?
> BTW, if someone has already written the code to add whitelisting
> support to Mail mode, I'd like to know about that too!
> Thanks!
> jill
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