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emacs question

From: Gian Uberto Lauri
Subject: emacs question
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 07:54:13 +0100

>>>>> "VM(" == Villa, Maria (HBO) <address@hidden> writes:

VM(> They have a problem when want to delete a character or word, the backspace
VM(> key does not work.

If the backspace key sends  the Control-H character (aka help key, C-h
in  emacsese),  I think  that  the  best thing  is  to  remap the  key
externally (i.e. with X11 keyboard  configuration or stty - if I'm not
wrong I used it several years ago to "fix" HP terminals behaviour (but
it could do nothing for the keyboard itself :) ).

Else, try the C-h k and then the backspace key to discover how Emacs
sees that key, and then use the global-set-key function to set that
key to reassign it.

To put  it in  .emacs you  can do a  macro then  use this  function to
transform it in a function

(defun dv-functionize-kbd-macro (sym) "Make 'function' of kbd macro."
  (interactive "SName for last kbd macro and the 'function': ")
  (name-last-kbd-macro sym)
  (insert ";;  \n;;  \n")
  (insert-kbd-macro sym)
  (insert "(global-set-key \[")
    (insert (concat "\] '" (symbol-name sym) ")\n\n"))
    (fill-region (re-search-backward "^(") (re-search-backward "^ "))))

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