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Re: Wrapper for the GNU 'which' command

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Wrapper for the GNU 'which' command
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:12:58 -0700
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address@hidden wrote:
> Kevin Rodgers wrote:
>>,----[ C-h f executable-find RET ]
>>| executable-find is a compiled Lisp function in `executable'.
>>| (executable-find COMMAND)
>>| Search for COMMAND in exec-path and return the absolute file name.
>>| Return nil if COMMAND is not found anywhere in `exec-path'.
> When does emacs create `exec-path'?

At startup, it is initialized from the PATH and EMACSPATH (or a default
directory) environment variables.

You can get executable-find to search whatever path you want by
temporarily binding exec-path e.g.

(let ((exec-path (parse-colon-path (getenv "FOOPATH"))))
  (executable-find "foo"))

Kevin Rodgers

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